Church Hill Development, LLC Davidsonville, MD
Church Hill Development, LLCDavidsonville, MD


Church Hill Renovation Project

Beginning in 2006, we purchased and renovated a 100 year old home in Church Hill, Maryland, a beautiful and historic small town on the Maryland Eastern Shore.  The home was built in 1907, and is structurally very sound, but it was in need of considerable renovation; for most of its existence, it had no indoor plumbing.  Here is what the house looked like when we began.  From the back:

Here's how it looks now, after we did the demolition and reconstruction.

The changes in the look from the front are not quite as striking, but look at the before:

And the after:

Finally, the interior underwent a drastic change.  Before:

And after:


Church Hill Development

is a general contracting and green custom building company serving the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Delaware and the Maryland Eastern Shore. Contact us today to see how we can build your dreams into reality.



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